Todd Gross Presents.... A Todd Gross Original Product - NEW! May 2009

"OH CRAP ! I've been slapped !
What did I do to deserve that ? !"

Don't Let This Be You The Next Time You Go To Your Twitter Page.

Learn How to Avoid Getting Twitter Slapped !

You've spent days, perhaps weeks tweaking and tuning and tweeting and just when you think you are finally "there" you suddenly find yourself GONE ! Yes, your Twitter account has been replaced with a nasty suspended message and your viewers are greeted by one of Twitter's sentinels.. "Who goes there ?" asks the Twitter owl...

How could this have happened ? You thought you did everything right..

Have you ever heard of Google-Slap? No?

Once upon a time, Google, being brand new, allowed a loophole to their then-new Adsense-Adwords advertising network. There were few restrictions as to what kind of content you could post on the website that held the tiny ads, and thousands of websites started springing up with just ads, and very little if any content. You can still see some of that going on today. Google then started putting some hefty restrictions on both Adwords advertisers and Adsense publishers. So much so, that folks that were making millions of dollars suddenly found the well had dried.

Twitter is just catching on to a similar loophole in their network.

Folks are beginning to abuse the service by posting thousands of tweets per month, and developing hundreds of twitter sites with thousands of followers each. While there is some merit to passing along marketing on Twitter, it can be done responsibly, and sensibly.

The problem is, your intentions may be good, but Twitter is just now at that point where they are about to SLAP, and slap hard.

They’ve shut down hundreds of sites in the past few weeks of this writing, including sites of some of my close business partners, for a variety of reasons.

Introducing "Don't Get twitter Slapped"

With "Don't Get twitter Slapped" you can get a good idea what to look out for, and avoid being banned by the suddenly infamous Twitter Slap.

Unfortunately Twitter does not spell out why they ban your account when they do.

"All 5 of my Twitter accounts
have been suspended.
They didn't say why..."

This brand new PDF is packed with information gathered from super-Tweeters who have learned the hard way and been shut down by Twitter.

Do YOU know what to fill in the blanks with to succeed with Twitter ?

Do not forget to ______! ______ is the key to Twitter after all, and even if you don’t have any followers yet, when you do, they will go to your page from time to time and check out ______. So _______ from the moment you establish your account is important.

  • Learn how to make the best use of automization.
  • Learn how best to follow and unfollow people
  • Monetize your Twitter time.. Learn the tricks and techniques.

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